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I am a successful healthcare professional, a small-business owner, and I am certified as a Biology teacher in the State of Georgia, and as a substitute teacher in Gwinnett County. I also served on the School Advisory Board in Leon County, Florida and I worked at the Florida legislature.   I have been part of the Dacula community for over 11 years, working to make it a better place, volunteering with the Citizens Police Academy Alumnae Association of Gwinnett, my local Homeowners Association, and in community events and children's festivals.  

For the past two years, prior to launching my campaign for House Disctrict 104,  I served as  President of the Gwinnett Federation of Democratic Women and I am a member of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

I have listened to my neighbors in HD104. I am running on your behalf. 


*Jobs and infrastructure:  No More Stalling

*Clean Transportation Alternatives

*Keep Education Local and Schools Safe

*Expand the Hope Scholarship

*Affordable Healthcare For All

*Affordable and Secure Childcare Options

My Republican rival ran unopposed in the last two elections. The seat, Georgia House District 104, has been without a Democratic contender for eight years. I'm on the ballot to prove that we, the citizens, have a voice in our government.

RISE UP 104!!

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