Andrea stephenson

Masters of Science (MS) Degree in Epidemiology/Public Health from Columbia University School of Public Health

Masters of Science in Sociology and Applied Social Research from Florida State University, School of Social Sciences and Public Policy.

Founding member and former president of the Gwinnett Federation of Democratic Women.

Graduate of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association of Gwinnett and the Citizen’s Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Worked in Public Health and Epidemiology in Georgia, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, and New York. Acted as a consultant for the CDC

N.J. Health Director during an International Bio-terrorism exercise.  Developed the first Responsible Fatherhood Program for FL Juvenile Justice and directed the FL Legislative Study on Dentistry. Ran the study of hospital utilization for the university of S. Maine.

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Andrea's policies

I Will Fight For

  • Election integrity
  • Voting rights
    • Expanding the number of voting locations
    • Election day holiday
  • Expanding Weekend Voting
  • Holding Election Officials Accountable
  • Pre-Election Software Checks
  • Equal Justice and Opportunities for All
  • Promoting Economic Growth
  • Healthcare/Prescription Affordability and Access
  • Scientific and Data-Driven Approaches
  • Everyone’s Right to Control Their Own Body 
  • Quality Public Education
  • Public Transportation Expansion
  • Protecting Our Environment and Natural Resources
  • Promoting Green Policies and Job Expansions 

Andrea's Top Priorties

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