Andrea Stephenson

I am running for Georgia House District 104 to put people first, not politics. I am committed to promoting and supporting inclusive policies and legislation that will bring residents of Gwinnett County together, not divide us. Decisions must be based on data, not party affiliation.  Devisiveness in politics must end!  


I Will Fight For

  • Voting Rights, Equal Access and Election Integrity with Scientific and fair Redistricting
  • Healthcare Affordability and Access, and everyone’s right to control their own body 
  • Equal Employment opportunities for all and Raising the Minimum Wage so families can take care of themselves
  • Promoting economic growth through scientific and data-driven approaches including Green Gwinnett and Green Georgia the will bring in many new jobs and businesses
  • Quality Public Education for All
  • Creation of Public Transportation Alternatives and a New Approach to Smart Growth
  • Protecting our Environment and Natural Resources, and promoting clean energy alternatives
  • Increasing Medical Access and Broadband in Rural Georgia

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