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I am a successful healthcare professional, a small-business owner, and I am certified as a Biology teacher in the State of Georgia, and as a substitute teacher in Gwinnett County. I have been part of the Dacula community for over 11 years, working to make it a better place, volunteering with the Citizens Police Academy Alumnae Association of Gwinnett, my local Homeowners Association, and in community events and children's festivals.  

For the past two years I have been  President of the Gwinnett Federation of Democratic Women and I am a member of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

I have listened to my neighbors in HD104. I am running on your behalf. 


*Jobs and infrastructure:  No More Stalling.

*Clean Transportation Alternatives

*Keep Education Local and Schools Safe

*Expand the Hope Scholarship

*Affordable Healthcare For All

*Affordable and Secure Childcare Options

My Republican rival ran unopposed in the last two elections. The seat, Georgia House District 104, has been without a Democratic contender for eight years. I'm on the ballot to prove that we, the citizens, have a voice in our government.

RISE UP 104!!

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