This Why I Am Running For HD 104

There Needs To Be A Change (Our Government Is Of The People, By The People, For The People)


I’m tired of our government being dominated by Republicans and their billionaire donors. In the last election Hillary won a majority of the Gwinnett vote. Yet Republicans continue to dominate the County, State and national elections because of gerrymandering. 

My Republican rival ran unopposed in 2014 and 2016. The position, HD104 State Representative has been without a Democratic contender for eight years. I'm on the ballot to prove that Gwinnett and HD104 are ready to end Republican the monopoly and force fairness back into redistricting.


We Need New Boundaries


I’ve lived in this district for over 11 years and I have plenty of proposals to improve the quality of life locally, for all of my constituents which we can discuss.  It’s extremely important to restore a balanced two party system.  The next Georgia house will determine political boundaries that will govern future elections. Democrats must be part of that effort. Republican majorities have drawn biased district lines (gerrymandering) to retain majority power even as their constituency shrinks. Gwinnett is an extremely diverse county and all citizens have the right for their vote to count.


All Americans Have A Right To Vote

Voter suppression has to end. We need free and open elections. So the position I am running for has tremendous importance beyond the local level. Here are some of my proposals to improve things in HD104:

*Equal Opportunity To Live The American Dream

*Clean Transportation Alternatives

*Protect Local Education

*Affordable Healthcare For All

*Affordable Childcare Options

*Eliminate The Monopoly On Natural Gas