Protecting your vote

 In 2020 and 2021, the Georgia General Assembly will redraw voting districts. I intend to introduce legislation that prevents gerrymandering by establishing an independent commission to recommend fair redistricting based on census data and geography. We must also have more convenient voter registration and eliminate voter suppression. This includes:

  • Increasing the number of polling locations and hours for both early voting as well as on election day
  • Introducing legislation to make Election Day a holiday in Georgia
  • Expanding access to absentee ballot distribution and registration forms
  • Providing timely acknowledgement of eligibility to vote, polling location/hours, early voting and acceptance/rejection of absentee ballots


Healthcare Affordability and Access

 We need to ensure that every hard-working resident in our district has access to quality, affordable healthcare. As your representative, I will sponsor legislation that will:

  • Establish a Georgia-based individual health market and pharmaceutical exchange to reduce costs
  • Require healthcare professionals and hospitals to provide complete, transparent costs for the services they provide
  • Ensure that reproductive rights are solely the right of a woman and her doctor
  • Provide easy access to reproductive healthcare information and birth control options


Equal Employment Opportunities and Job Growth

More people are living alone in America, an increasing share of the population is divorced, and there are a growing number of single-parent families. These facts are contributing to a lower median household income. Georgia must:

  • Introduce legislation that raises the minimum wage in Georgia to a livable wage
  • Close the wage gap where females earn three-quarters of a male coworker's salary for the same occupation


Public Education & School Safety

 Georgia ranks 31st in the nation in public education (NAEP 2017 data). This is unacceptable. The Georgia General Assembly must:

  • Increase funding for public school education through high school
  • Restore funding for the Hope Scholarship program
  • Fight for increased school safety, conduct universal background checks, and fund mental health programs
  • Criminal Justice Reform:  End Private Prisons!  End Incarceration for non-dealers of marijuana


Public Transportation Alternatives

Traffic unpredictability and congestion are quality of life issues that other states and major metropolitan cities have been addressing for decades. I am committed to using a wide-range approach to expand public transportation in Gwinnett County and combat growing traffic congestion that stifles economic growth. 


Protection of our Environment and Natural Resources

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that humans contribute to climate change.  Disaster declarations are becoming more frequent: half of the most expensive disaster declarations over the last 40 years occurred in the past decade.

  • Sponsor legislation that promotes the use of renewable energy
  • Expand public transportation in Gwinnett County

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