There Needs To Be A Change (Our Government Is Of The People, By The People, For The People)

I’m tired of our government being dominated by Republicans and their billionaire donors. In the last election Hillary won a majority of the Gwinnett vote. Yet Republicans continue to dominate the County, State and national elections because of gerrymandering. 

My Republican rival ran unopposed in 2014 and 2016. The position, HD104 State Representative has been without a Democratic contender for eight years. I'm on the ballot to prove that Gwinnett and HD104 are ready to end Republican the monopoly and force fairness back into redistricting.

My Policies

Voting Rights


Democracy only works if all the people are allowed to participate

Early voting & voter turnout are the most reliable way to defeat voting fraud

Convenient registration - For elderly, disabled, etc. Govt employee comes to your house

Additional voting locations for early voting & during election day. "Vote Anywhere"

Election Integrity


Make all election days a holiday

More convenient early voting - hours, locations

Should be an electronic way to immediately check/certify a voter right at the voting location

Easier way to get absentee ballots - forms located in banks, post offices, libraries, supermarkets, schools.

Simplify voter registration - colleges, high schools, church functions

Equal justice for all & Incarceration Reform


Introduce a “Hate Crimes” bill.  Georgia is one of the states that currently doesn't have one

(USAFACTS) Black Americans, despite accounting for 12% of the population, make up 27% of arrests and 33% of prisoners today.

(USAFACTS) The US correctional population, which includes persons in jails, prisons, and under community supervision, grew 259% since 1980, while the overall US population has grown by just 42% over that time

Women’s Rights


Close the wage gap where women earn 78 cents for every $1 that a man earns in America

Ensure that reproductive rights are solely the right of a women and her doctor. Not the responsibility or under the jurisdiction of any level of government.

Access to reproductive healthcare information and birth control options.

Equal Employment Opportunities for All


Support raising the minimum wage in Georgia to a ”livable wage”

(USAFACTS) More people are living alone in America, a greater share of the population is divorced, and there are more single-parent families and households without children.  All of this is leading to a shrinking average household size, meaning fewer wage earners per household, again pushing down median household income.

Public Education & School Safety


Fully fund public school education through high school and fully fund the Hope Scholarship program

Georgia ranks 26th in the nation (2017 data)

Ban assault weapons, conduct universal background checks, and fund mental health programs 

(USAFACTS) Test scores vary widely by race: 55% of Asian students are proficient in reading compared to 45% of White students, 23% of Hispanic students, and 18% of Black students.

Public Transportation Expansion


Unpredictability of traffic congestion means public transportation is a quality of life issue that other states and major metropolitan cities have been addressing for decades. 

Committed to finding a solution to Gwinnett’s traffic problems.

Develop a wide-ranging approach to combat Gwinnett County’s growing traffic congestion that stifles economic growth

Protection of our Environment and Natural Resources


Overwhelming scientific evidence the humans contribute to climate change

Sponsor legislation that promotes the use of renewable energy

Renewable energy technology will bring 21st century sustainable job growth and opportunities to Gwinnett County.

Protection of our Environment and Natural Resources Continued


(USAFACTS) Disaster declarations are becoming more frequent: half of the most expensive disaster declarations over the past 40 years occurred in the past decade. In 2018, wildfires in California collectively burned over 1.6 million acres of land, equivalent to the entire state of Delaware.  Disasters can be significantly higher, as these disasters can impact migration, jobs, agriculture, and property values, and unleash serious health impacts for vulnerable populations  

Healthcare Affordability and Access


Enormous financial difficulties accessing affordable health insurance

Ensure every hard-working resident of our district has access to quality, affordable healthcare to keep them healthy, productive and out of poverty

Close the Medicaid gap & redirect federal tax dollars back to Georgia

Establishing a Georgia-based individual health market exchange.

Transparent costs

(Planned Parenthood) Abortion is healthcare 

Healthcare Affordability and Access Continued


USAFACTS) We spend $2.9 trillion, or $9,107 per person, on healthcare in the United States, an increase of 59% since 1999.  Over this same period, however, we haven’t seen improvements in our life expectancy, which has decreased each of the past three years, or in the average age we die, which has only increased by 0.7 years since 1999 to 73.1.

Healthcare Affordability and Access Continued


(USAFACTS) Private health insurance cost per person has increased in all but one year since 1988, while per-person costs of Medicare and Medicaid have plateaued. Since 2006, Medicare costs per person have increased annually by an average of 0.6%, Medicaid costs per person have decreased by 0.2%, but private insurance costs per person have increased by an annual average of 2.6%